Pure Bliss - Holistic Massage and Beauty Salon

Manicure Treatments
File and OPI polish £10

Manicure £14
Nails trimmed and filed, cuticles treated and gentle hand massage.

Manicure with OPI Polish £16.50

Paraffin Wax Treatment £10
This is a luxurious treatment that moisturises and softens the skin and also provides a therapeutic and healing heat to sore and aching joints, making it particularly beneficial for those suffering from arthritic and rheumatic pain.

Pedicure Treatments
Pedicure £18
Nails are trimmed and filed, hard skin treated, feet are soaked, cuticles tidied and a gentle foot massage.

Pedicure with OPI polish £20

Luxury Pedicure £25
This includes trimming and shaping of the nails, hard skin treated, cuticle tidy, exfoliation treatment or luxurious foot mask, heated booties applied, foot soak and gentle foot massage. Finishing with an application of OPI nail polish of your choice.

Shellac/Gelease Manicure or Pedicure
Shellac and Gelease nail polish are chip resistant and retains its shine for up to 14 days, making Shellac and Gelease nail manicures/pedicures long lasting and excellent value for money.

Shellac and Gelease goes on like polish, but lasts like gel. This revolutionary new nail varnish product provides a scratch-resistant mirror finish to your nails whilst retaining its fabulous shine. Like any quality polish application, the Shellac/Gelease system features a base coat, colour coat and top coat. However it is dried under a UV lamp, so your manicure/pedicure is fully dry when you leave the nail salon. So no more worrying about damaging your manicure by reaching in your handbag for your keys! Both provides high gloss, resilient colour that can remain flawless for up to two weeks.

Shellac/Gelease Manicure £22
Shellac/Gelease Pedicure £25
Shellac/Gelease File, shape and polish £15
Shellac/Gelease Polish Removal £6

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